What’s New Facebook Redesigns News Feed Interface and Adds New Camera Features

What’s New: Facebook Redesigns News Feed Interface and Adds New Camera Features

July 20, 2017.

Here’s all you need to know about the latest changes in Facebook

Facebook is yet again releasing new and exciting changes to its news feed interface and new features to its camera. The updates are set to roll out for both desktop and mobile versions over the next few weeks beginning August 2017.

Some core features in Facebook’s news feed that are in a for a new look and feel are as follows:

  • Profile Pictures
    Profile Pictures are now made circular rather than square in the news feed, as well as in the comments section.
  • Like Button, Reactions, Comment and Share Icons
    The Like button is now made larger and easier to click, with the Reaction icons more visible. The adjacent Comment and Share icons also follow suit with their larger icon redesign.
  • Link Previews
    Link previews are now made larger and the color contrast is increased to make the text more legible. With this update, it’s also easier to return to the news feed with a bigger and more prominent Back button.
  • Comments Section
    Comment threads now appear in grey chat bubbles, making it easier to distinguish which comments are direct replies to another user.
    The Facebook Camera is also getting new features and an interface overhaul.
  • GIF Creation Feature
    This new set of updates is now bringing Instagram’s Boomerang feature to Facebook. Users can now create two-second GIFs from the Camera and share it through Stories, Messenger, or the news feed.
  • Live Streaming and Audio
    Live streaming can now be conveniently done directly from the Camera, along with a live audio option. The feature was previously available by pressing the Live button on the Status Update box.
  • Text Posts
    Facebook Camera also supports text posts and the ability to share them through Stories or the news feed.

These updates are all grounded on one goal: to make the Facebook experience better and easier. All you need to do is update your Facebook app so you can enjoy all of these sweet new developments.

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