Top Trends in Mobile App Development for 2018

Top Trends in Mobile App Development for 2018

January 3, 2018.

Here’s all you need to know about what’s in store for the mobile app industry in 2018

In 2017, the mobile app industry skyrocketed to astronomical heights brought about by the growing number of mobile device users. In fact, Statista predicts that mobile apps will generate approximately 189 billion US dollars in revenue by 2020. This trend has transformed mobile apps from being an optional investment to a necessity for almost every type of business—and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

As we welcome the new year, we’re expecting a number of mobile app development trends that will play a pivotal role in mobile app development in 2018. To help you stay ahead of the game, here’s a list of the top predictions for the mobile app development industry this year:

1. Augmented reality mobile apps

The rise of augmented reality technology has also helped mobile app development to rise to the next level. With Google and Apple making steps to integrate the AR experience into their suite of products, we’re seeing a sharp rise in augmented reality mobile apps to make its way to the mobile app market this 2018. Also, AR mobile apps will go beyond gaming and gradually seep into other niches such as healthcare, retail, education, and social media.

2. Internet of Things and smart apps

With so much advancement in IoT technology for the past few years, we might just be seeing smarter smartphones by the end of 2018. Smart apps will touch on more sectors outside of home and living, and will definitely revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers. Wearable gadgets will also continue to be popular as IoT technology becomes more sophisticated.

3. Blockchain-based security on mobile apps

The rise of IoT has brought an increasing concern on cybersecurity. The good news is that blockchain technology has quickly found its way into the mobile app industry and is changing the way online transactions and personal information are secured. In 2018, we’re seeing a bright future ahead for blockchain-based mobile apps and the application of blockchain technology outside of cryptocurrencies.

4. Machine learning in mobile apps

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning present a new era in mobile app development. The eCommerce industry is beginning to reap the advantages of using machine learning algorithms to enhance various mobile app features, and in 2018, it’s very likely to see more ML-based mobile apps in other industries. From social media, to logistics, to video streaming, and even to dating apps, machine learning can be implemented into virtually any type of mobile app.

5. Cloud-based mobile apps

With the growing trend of using cloud technology to streamline business processes, it’s more likely to see this trend cascading into the mobile app industry. Developers are expected to integrate cloud technology into mobile app development, giving rise to more cloud-based mobile apps to enter the market this year. Cloud-based mobile apps will go beyond file sharing; apps that are focused on video and audio streaming, social networking, or online gaming are potential areas where cloud technology can be applied as well.

2018 is definitely a year of innovation for the mobile app industry. It’s a year of rapid growth for technologies that are continually evolving and changing the way developers are creating mobile apps. If you haven’t included mobile app development in your mobile strategy, now is the best time to do it.

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