Top News Google to Release New Developer Tools for Daydream Apps

Top News: Google to Release New Developer Tools for Daydream Apps

May 5, 2017.

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Los Angeles, California—During Unity’s Vision VR/AR Summit last May 1, 2017, Nathan Martz, Google’s Developer Platform Product Manager, announced that Google is releasing several new tools to help developers create high-performance apps for Daydream, Google’s Android Virtual Reality (VR) platform.

Google is leveraging virtual and augmented reality this year by scaling Daydream and Tango to a bigger market in the Android ecosystem. This means that Google is creating initiatives and investing more in Daydream to help developers build optimized VR/AR experience. One of its initiatives is the release of new developer tools for Daydream apps.

Martz revealed the following Daydream developer tools due to be released sooner this year:

Daydream Renderer

Daydream Renderer is a suite of tools designed to achieve dynamic lighting and shadowing when rendering high resolutions in stereo at 60 FPS. This greatly improves the VR experience through mobile devices.

Instant Preview

Instant Preview aids developers in running on-device tests. Developers can rapidly iterate changes to the code. Instant changes can also be seen and tested using a Daydream headset.

Daydream Elements

Daydream Elements is a modular, open-source application that offers up templates that contain focused examples of best practices for common VR interactions.


PerfHUD is a tool that lets developers view the device’s vitals in and out of VR. GAPID allows developers to perform deep GPU profiling and static analysis using their PC. Both tools help in diagnosing problems of overheating (or even when apps crash when a phone gets too hot) which can negatively affect VR performance.

Martz further said that Daydream Renderer, Instant Preview, and Daydream Elements will be launched in May this year; PerfHUD and GAPID is projected to be released later this summer.

This is an exciting year for both Android developers and the virtual and augmented reality market. Stay tuned for more updates!

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