Top 6 Promising Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

Top 6 Promising Mobile App Development Trends for 2017

March 5, 2017.

Here’s what’s likely to happen to mobile app development this 2017

Mobile app development is a fast growing and promising market, thanks to the increasing number of smartphone users. In fact, according to Smart Insights, approximately 80% of Internet users own a smartphone, and 89% of mobile media time is attributed to mobile app usage. Gartner also predicted that over 268 billion mobile downloads will generate a whooping income of $77 billion in 2017.

What does 2017 have in store for mobile app development? Here are the top 6 trends in mobile app development we predict will take over the mobile app market this year:

1. Advanced hybrid technologies

BYOD, or the “bring your own device” practice, has given the rise of the increasing trend of using hybrid app development technologies. This said, developers are more inclined to use various tools, such as AngularJS, PhoneGap, Cordova, and Ionic for agile software development projects.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Current trends in mobile apps focus more on integrating and syncing mobile apps to multiple devices, which is made possible by cloud-based technology. The increasing number of cloud-based mobile apps has given rise to technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and wearable devices. For the Internet of Things in particular, 2017 is a year of significant growth. Business Insider forecasts that IoT investment would reach approximately $4.8 trillion between 2016 and 2021.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Smart assistants have become increasingly popular, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The likes of Siri and Cortana, and possibly a lot more to come, will be making rounds this 2017. Gadgets that translate voice into search commands are not the only artificial intelligence technology we are expecting to see this year and in the future. AI apps that aid in machine learning and analyzing data are very good possibilities.

4. Wearable Technology

While Cloud technology is taking the mobile app market by storm, wearable technology is another innovation that’s not far behind in the trends. Apple Watch and Google Glasses are among the first in the market to release wearable technology, and we expect more of these types of devices to be released into the market this 2017. Mobile apps that work with these wearables, in return, are predicted to focus more on productivity and entertainment, aside from healthcare.

5. Augmented Reality

Last year, Pokemon Go paved the way to augmented reality games, and in 2017, we expect an increase in number of mobile apps that bank on GPS and augmented reality. This does not only apply to smartphone games, but also spans to many others like location-tracking and other utility apps.

6. Big data applications

This year, analytics has become more and more useful to businesses and is often one of the main topics in decision making. Big data applications enable this type of in-depth analysis, and we expect this trend to grow more this 2017. In fact, according to IDC, big data and business analytics will surpass $200 billion in worldwide revenue in 2020.

The years ahead promise more technological advances, and mobile app development is at the forefront. It is wise for app developers and mobile device enthusiasts to always be on the watch for new trends in the market to prevent from being left behind.

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