Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

February 21, 2019.

Considering outsourcing your mobile app development? Here are its benefits and disadvantages

The mobile app market has grown significantly in the past years, attributed in part by the increased usage of mobile devices. In fact, in a study conducted by Flurry Analytics, a mobile app analytics tool, 90 percent of consumers’ Internet usage is by mobile apps. This statistic, and several others, has driven many tech companies to develop their own mobile apps.

When developing a mobile app, one of the first questions to ask is how to carry it out. There is a constant battle between having it done in-house or having it outsourced. While both options have their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages, we will be focusing on outsourcing your mobile app development.

Here are a few pros and cons of outsourcing your mobile app development:

Pros of Mobile App Development Outsourcing

1. Cut down on expenses

When you outsource, you pay only for the work that’s done. This can be hourly or fixed, depending on your agreement with the outsourcing mobile app development company. Whichever the case may be, you won’t have as much overhead cost, which can significantly cut down on the overall business expenses.

2. Access to industry experts and resources

Outsourcing mobile app development companies have an established system when it comes to tools, licenses and certificates, software, and other resources that they need to develop a mobile app. When you outsource, you also get all the essential resources you need.

Additionally, companies that specialize in mobile app development have a dedicated team that can manage projects from start to finish. Industry experts, from developers to testers, designers, project managers, and marketers, you’ve got your team covered when you outsource.

3. Maximize time

Hiring an offshore outsourcing mobile app company has the advantage of maximizing business time. The time difference between your own company and your offshore mobile app company can be leveraged by putting some of your in-house team to work during normal business hours, together with your outsourced team. Some offshore outsourcing companies may even offer 24/7 support as well. Furthermore, if an outsourced staff gets sick or goes on holiday, there will always be someone else who can pick up the work.

Cons of Mobile App Development Outsourcing

1. Less supervision

Without you personally spearheading every detail of your mobile app development, there is a risk of things getting off-track when it comes to outsourcing any type of job. This is one of the reasons why having a dedicated project manager at the offshore location, who can update you with all the project milestones and roadblocks, is very important. You need visibility on how things are going on the other side. If a project manager isn’t available, utilizing a project management tool is also a smart move.

2. Confidentiality

Data privacy is one of the biggest risks in outsourcing your mobile app development, especially when hiring a freelancer. With established outsourcing companies, however, you can have more assurance on confidentiality. This is why having a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before starting a project is important. This legally binds your outsourced staff to keep to themselves about your project’s details and other sensitive information that you don’t want leaked out.

3. Communication gaps

While the difference in time zones can be beneficial, it also means that communication gap risks can occur between you and your outsourced staff. Language differences can also be an issue, but this can easily be resolved by getting a point of contact, such as a Project Manager, that can speak your language and your outsourced staff’s languages well for smoother coordination.

As we mentioned above, outsourcing does have its advantages and disadvantages. However, there will always be risks with whichever route you decide to take. It still holds true that success and risk go hand-in-hand, so it all boils down to what you feel you’re most comfortable with.

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