How Trucking Companies Successfully Leveraged Mobile Apps

How Trucking Companies Successfully Leveraged Mobile Apps

April 15, 2017.

See how humble trucking companies made the most from mobile app development

Mobile apps have revolutionized how businesses operate, and this includes the trucking industry. The latest trend in mobile app development for the transportation business has given birth to the buzzword uberization. Uberization, derived from one of the most popular transportation apps worldwide Uber, simply means introducing a new way of buying a product using mobile technology.

What does this mean for the trucking industry? Two companies have recently embraced mobile app development to their business strategy and have changed the way they operate. Here’s how they did it.


Trucking conglomerate Paccar made use of the rapid mobile application development market (RMAD) to create a software platform that allows non-programmers to build mobile workflows straight from their smartphones.

The RMAD platform makes it possible for less-techy people, such as business workers, to speed up mobile app development through simplified programming interfaces like drag-and-drop tools and automated code generation.

Paccar teamed up with SkyGiraffe, a startup tech company, to develop around twenty-five mobile apps that enable Pacccar employees to execute both basic and complex business tasks right from their smartphones and tablets.


FreightRover, a startup trucking company based in Indianapolis, recently created a cloud-based platform for their owner-operator truck drivers. The app is reminiscent of Uber wherein truck drivers can view and choose the available freight the company has that they are leased to drive.

The company president, Michael Pecchia, says, “FreightRover offers carriers, like Celadon, a way to put their freight onto a mobile app for their drivers to self-select the freight they want, rather than be told what freight they have to pick up. It puts the power back in the drivers’ hands to make those decisions and gives them freedom to choose their loads.”

There is no telling how mobile app development will evolve over the next few years, or even in the coming months. However, with these inspiring stories from real companies, there is still so much in store for mobile app development.

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