How to Get Mobile App Ideas

How to Get Mobile App Ideas

April 15, 2018.

Here are five ways you can come up with an innovative mobile app idea.

 Every successful mobile app development starts from an idea. But more often than not, coming up with a unique and innovative mobile app idea isn’t as easy as one might expect, be it an iOS or Android app.

Here are five ways you can spark new mobile app ideas:

1. Solve a problem

Almost all products in any market starts with a problem that needs to be solved. Think of a need or a problem that a significant number of people are facing and then think of how this can be solved through an app. You would want to develop a mobile app that many users need and want. Or, you can leverage boredom as a source of inspiration. Everyone gets bored, and boredom itself can be a problem. Make something boring and menial fun.

Apps that are aimed for fun and entertainment can be good ideas for a mobile app. People use it as a way of coping with stress, which is why home entertainment and gaming apps are gaining so much popularity these days. In fact, in a recent report by Sensor Tower, the average spending for entertainment apps in Apple’s App Stores has increased by 130 percent year-over-year. Home entertainment apps like Netflix had a gross revenue of approximately $58 million by the last quarter of 2016.

2. Look through existing apps

Existing apps are good sources of inspirations for a new mobile app idea. You can look through the list of popular apps in Google Play or Apple Store and see what you can improve on or what could be lacking. From there, you might get an idea on how to make a better version of an existing app. Don’t be afraid of the competition. A crowded market means the idea is good.

You can also look through the list of lowest-rated mobile apps. Think of ways you can revamp these apps and make them awesomely better. Read reviews, know what people are complaining about. People’s frustrations are good solid foundations in finding a mobile app idea.

3. Refer to social media

Social media is where people express themselves better, a lot. Research on mobile app pages and read through their reviews. Find out what people need and, of course, what their frustrations are. Most likely, mobile app users are more comfortable venting out in social media than any other platform.

You can also take cues on what people wish to have. Facebook now has a well-improved search feature where public posts and relevant posts from friends and friends of friends are shown in the results. Search on the phrase “I wish,” and then get ideas from those search results.

4. Tinker on your mobile devices

There is no perfect smartphone or tablet. Every mobile device has its strengths and weaknesses. One may look and feel great but lacks some essential functionalities. One may perform well but doesn’t have a great user interface.

There is always a lot of room for improvement even with the most high tech and latest mobile device. See what existing features it has and how you can improve those. Does the calculator need work? Does it need more personalization features, like themes with colorful keyboards? Does it lack a torch light?

5. Create a need

If it’s difficult for you to come up with a unique idea from an existing need, perhaps it’s a better idea to actually create a need. Observe people and their daily hurdles. Most will just accept a common nuisance as a normal part of life, like it isn’t necessarily a problem.

Make people realize that they need something. You can come up with innovative mobile apps that replace mundane activities in real life. It can also be a way of improving one’s way of life or helping people save time and effort.

Wrapping it up

Great ideas come when you least expect them, like in the shower. If you’ve come up with even just a tiny spark of an idea, immediately write it down. Sooner or later, you can build a better construction of the idea once you’ve reviewed all your notes. Be inspired! Be creative! Be innovative, and wow the world with your fresh and amazing mobile app!

— Tinny

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