SEO Updates Google’s Single-Page Website Builder for Local Businesses

Google’s Single-Page Website Builder for Local Businesses

June 15, 2017.

Learn more about the Google My Business Website Builder

Listing your local business on Google My Business is an essential step for optimizing your business for SEO. Having a business website to go with your Google listing further optimizes your business’ online presence. However, not all small businesses can afford to have a website.

The good news is, Google recently launched a “Google My Business Website Builder” which is a free new tool for small businesses. The tool, simply called “Website,” aims to help small business owners build a free single-page website that they can easily integrate with their Google My Business page.

The update is especially helpful for small business owners who do not have the resources or finances to create a full-blown, multi-page business website.

Key Features of the Google My Business Website Builder

The website builder comes part-and-parcel with any Google My Business account. You can create a simple and mobile-friendly website that automatically generates information from what you’ve put on your Google listing. Whenever you make changes to your Google listing details, the information on your website is automatically updated as well.

You can customize the website with free design themes, easily place ads on your site with AdWords Express, and manage your site on-the-go, whether you’re on your phone or desktop.

How to Create a Single-Page Website using Google My Business

To start creating a website, log into your Google My Business account. You must have a verified Google listing to use the website builder. After creating a verified business profile, you will be prompted to build a free website.

You can choose to either use a free domain name (i.e., or a custom domain name for a fee (i.e.,

Once done, you can customize your site by choosing a theme, editing the text, and adding photos. You can also edit site elements such as the Headline, Description, Summary Header, Summary Body, and Call-to-Action button.

How to Create a Single-Page Website using Google My Business

In the Settings tab, you can easily change your domain name, opt to buy a domain, or unpublish your site. All of these can be done in just a matter of minutes.
Google My Business’ free website builder is a handy and intuitive tool with basic features for building a one-page business website. While it lacks Google Analytics integration, social sharing buttons, and other website elements, it’s a good start for small local businesses who want to get a headstart in creating a business website.

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