5 Social Media Updates You Need to Know About

5 Social Media Updates You Need to Know About

April 5, 2017.

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A marketing strategy in 2017 wouldn’t be complete if social media marketing is taken out of the picture. This is why it’s more important now than ever for marketing specialists and the like to be in the know on the latest updates in social media.

Five of the biggest players in the social media scene has released some key updates over the past few months. Here is the latest scoop.

Facebook: Instant Articles

Facebook has recently introduced its Instant Articles — a mobile publishing format that leverages Google AMP, enabling you to publish articles that load and display ten times faster. The latest update includes support of two call-to-action units, namely an Email Signup and Page Like CTA. Now, readers can like your page or signup for an email newsletter from within your Instant Article.

Twitter: Emojis

Twitter announced that they are expanding their emoji support to include Emoji 5.0. This update includes 56 new emojis and 183 emoji sequences for various gender and skin-tone options, as well as subdivision flags.

LinkedIn: Matched Audiences

LinkedIn has recently introduced Matched Audiences, a feature reminiscent of Facebook’s custom audiences and Twitter’s tailored audiences. This provides advertisers three targeting tools: website retargeting, account targeting, and contact targeting.

YouTube: Live Streaming

YouTube’s support for live streaming has reduced its threshold number of subscribers. Previously, only YouTube channels with at least 10,000 subscribers can avail of the live streaming option. Now, the number is reduced to 1,000 subscribers.

Pinterest: Visual Search

Pinterest has released a new Chrome browser extension that supports visual search. This allows users to search for images without having to manually type in a search query. With this extension, users can now search for images anywhere, anytime.

Social media is continually growing, and there’s a lot of potential in store for marketers and advertisers. As the rest of the year 2017 unfolds, more updates might be released. Stay updated to get the most out of your social media strategy.

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