3 Ways the Internet of Things Affects the Future of Web Design

3 Ways the Internet of Things Affects the Future of Web Design

August 27, 2018.

Learn about what IoT has in store for web design

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for you to get connected to a variety of smart devices wherever you are at your own convenience. It’s the technology behind wearables and a whole range of smart devices and smart apps that make everyday life easier.

This is why IoT is something that we’ve been hearing a lot about lately, and will continue hearing about over the next several years — with this trend also comes innovations that affect the future of web design and development.

Here are three ways that the Internet of Things impacts web design:

1. More diverse user interface

Each year, new devices are being introduced to the market. The list does not only include smartphones and tablets but also a variety of smart devices in all forms and shapes. Think of smart watches, thermostats, security cameras, industrial machine sensors, and a whole lot more.

With that in mind, web designers are faced with the challenge of catering to a diverse number of user interfaces with different screen sizes and resolutions, and on different platforms. These may be as large as Ultra HD televisions to as small as thermostats and watches. Responsive web design (RWD) will have to become more adaptive to each new UI that would be introduced in the years to come.

2. More complex programming language required

While IoT makes everyday things more manageable, the technology behind it is more complex than we thought. For smart devices to communicate with other smart devices, the front-end interface will primarily be used by the users. In return, websites need to communicate with the backend to retrieve data obtained from smart devices.

All of these require high end programming languages that have the ability to carry out complex dynamics and processes required with IoT. Web designers and developers will have to be open to new and better programming languages that might be introduced in the near future.

3. More data traffic

With IoT, tons of data is being transmitted each second. Speed is the essence of IoT, and with too much data being transmitted back and forth, data overload isn’t unlikely. Think of your daily commute with too many people and too many cars on the road, resulting to the much-dreaded traffic jam.

Developers and web designers should be able to take into consideration how to minimize their slow page load speed when websites are being accessed through smart devices.

Wrapping It Up

Seeing how technology is rapidly evolving, there’s no telling how far the Internet of Things can go. With each new innovation IoT brings, web designers and developers are faced with exciting new things to learn from and grow with.

— Tinny

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